300 Korean Learners in 1 Week!

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We've had almost 300 people participate in the quiz in just under a week, and we've gotten a lot of data and feedback, most of which is overwhelmingly positive.

Based on what we've gotten so far, we've made some changes, the most important ones being:

  • Faster Elaborations - Most of the time, the explanations should now pop up in under a second.
  • Easier Essays - the data suggests that the leveling algorithm was giving essays that were a bit to hard for most readers, even with the elaborations enabled. So, we've made the essays a bit easier, but we may still need to calibrate the algorithm a bit more to find the sweet spot.

We've also made this list of changes to develop in the near future:

  • Example sentences for explained words - We have the data for this already, so its mostly a matter of updating the UI. This should be quick to develop.
  • "Cheat" button to display English translations - for those times when the reader can't figure out the word based on the explanations. This would be helpful to both the reader and us, since this would give us concrete feedback about when the Korean explanations are insufficient.

Finally, these items are high-priority, but will take longer to develop:

  • Better images - I have a plan in mind to curate a much more consistently useful database of images to explain Korean words, but it wont be ready for a few months, at least.
  • Hanja - Some have suggested listing the hanja that a word is derived from to give learners a clearer idea of how words are related to eachother and to provide readers with clues for unfamiliar words made from the same hanja.

If you haven't tried the new quiz format yet, give it a go. The more data we collect, the more data we use to improve the system's elaborations.

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