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This website is part of a research project to develop a software tool that will make it easier for foreigners to learn Korean through reading by providing computer-generated explanations for difficult words.

To improve our system, we need to collect data about how people use it, which system-generated explanations are useful, how well different elaborations improve comprehension, etc. To collect this data, we've built an interactive survey in the form of a "Quiz" that learners of Korean can use to practice their reading comprehension and vocabulary while using the tool. Learners can also upload their own Korean articles and texts to use with the tool, and rate which elaborations were helpful.

So, join the 1398 invaluable contributors who are making this project a reality!

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"This survey site is awesome as a standalone learning tool, at least for me. It gives me meaningless internet points for reading 고급 Korean text. I love meaningless internet points! Plus, I feel like I'm being helpful by doing it. Reading practice has never been so fun!"

- Adacore (redditor comment)