About the research

The goal of this research is to build a software tool that will elaborate sentences with explanations or synonyms for difficult words, so that learners can understand any text that they find interesting (e.g., books, online news articles, blogs) and improve their Korean skills through reading.


As a very simple example, the software might elaborate 차 like this:

Why reading?

Reading is not only motivational, but has been shown to have many benefits to one's foreign language proficiency: improving reading, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and listening skills.

About this site

To improve our system, we need data about which elaborations are useful. To collect this data, we've built a survey in the form of a "Quiz" that learners of Korean can use to practice their reading comprehension and vocabulary while using the tool. Learners can also upload their own Korean articles and texts to use with the tool, and provide rate which elaborations were helpful.

We will use this data to train better computer models to generate more helpful elaboartions.

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