Privacy Policy

This page describes the types of information this site collects and how it is used.


We use logins to distinguish your submissions from that of other contributors. We do not use any personally identifying information about you in connection to the submissions you provide.

Social Logins

For convenience, you may use a social login to log into the website. Depending on the provider you use, we may receive your name and/or email address. Your name will be used only to generate a unique username for your account, which you may change at any time and is not visible to other users by default. Your email address will only be used if you opt-in to receive updates from us about this research.

Aside from this, we do not collect any identifying information about you. Furthermore, we do not use use any personally identifying information in connection to your submissions, nor do we share any personally identifying information of you to 3rd parties.

With that in mind, if you still have privacy concerns and wish to ensure your submissions are 100% anonymous, we recommend you create an account, which does not require providing personally identifying information of any kind.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor traffic on the website. This information is used to optimize the website to improve user experience and increase submission rate.

Survey Information

Survey information is contributed directly by you through this website. This will include general information about your language background entered on the profile screen and surveys you submit through this website. The survey information you provide will be used to develop statistical models that will be used in the software to make Korean texts easier for learners of your level to understand. Survey information may be shared with other researchers conducting similar or related research projects. Shared survey information will not include any personally identifying information about contributors.