Phase 2 Survey & Site Updates

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Phase 2 Survey

We've reached almost 2,000 submissions! Not to sound like a broken record, but that's pretty amazing! Thank you all for all your help.

I'm continuing to work on and make improvements to the prediction models I discussed in my last post, but results have been promising.

My experiments suggest, though, that I've gotten about as much data as will be useful for this first survey: collecting more data with this exact survey will contribute only marginal improvements to the model. So, I'm working on my phase-2 survey. The first survey had a very limited selection of texts (about 240 essays). This new survey will draw form a larger set of texts, which will allow me to study a greater variety of words and grammatical features. It will also allow me to collect some data that will be used to generate elaborations in addition to predicting unknown words. The new survey will be launched in August.

Website Updates

Over the last several weeks, I've added a number of new features:

  • New Languages - Japanese and French translations for the user interface have been added to the website. This is especially important because we want more contributors with a Japanese language background to contribute.
  • Study Tools - Dictionary lookups have been added to the My Submissions. You can right-click on an unknown word to look it up on Naver, Daum, or Wikitionary. I hope this will make it easier to use this site as a study tool, so that contributors can get some extra value from it. In a future update, I'd like to add Anki integration as well.

Dictionary Lookup Screenshot

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