October Update

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We've had a productive couple of months.

In August, we visited several language schools in Korea to get their help recruiting students for our survey, especially those speaking Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese. We got about 100 new submissions from speakers of these languages as a result (about double what we had before that).

In September we wrote our first paper about the research, describing our methodology for collecting data for our system and evaluating the models we were able to produce as a result. The paper has been submitted to LREC 2018. We should hear back in a few weeks or so.

As part of that paper, we are publishing our first round of data that we've collected from the survey. The data is for helping other researchers building similar kinds of applications. The data was stripped of usernames and any other potentially identifying details before publication. You can download the data here.

Currently, I am working on a prototype of the elaboration engine itself. I'm hoping to have a functioning prototype within a couple of weeks.

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